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ALL ACROSS EUROPE helps children learn about the countries, people, animals, and landscapes of modern Europe. As with the other books in the geography book series, which includes ALL ACROSS CHINA and ALL ACROSS CANADA, this book uses artwork and poems to make geography fun, with cartoon characters named after the capital of each country as a learning device. It also helps to explain and simplify a continent with many new countries, often confusing borders, and a rich, varied culture. Enjoy your visit!

ALL ACROSS EUROPE is a mnemonic-filled learning/teaching tool geared first and foremost toward helping children learn capitals and locations of European countries in a fun and entertaining way. Additional facts, including agricultural and industrial products, are also provided to enrich the child’s learning experience.

5 stars! Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite:

“All Across Europe by Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe is a fascinating,informative, and educational book for children that takes them on a joy ride to the beautiful continent of Europe. The book gives in-depth details about the continent through the eyes of five friends; Mickey, Tricia, Stevie, Ernie, and Wendy. Each one of them takes readers through the different regions of Europe where around 800 million people from diverse backgrounds live. Readers get to know about the impressive structures in the different regions of the continent,the history, the food, culture, the weather, and landscape that make Europe what it is.

“The book gives readers necessary and useful information about places in Europe. Coupled with verses and interesting illustrations, the book reaches out to children who want to know more about the fascinating places in Europe. It’s definitely a splendid journey with these five friends as readers explore this incredible continent. I would recommend this book to all school and public libraries as it works as a good reference guide. It can also be used for bedtime story-telling.The introduction to the places is simple and easy for children to understand and remember.

“Books like this are welcome as they make learning and teaching attractive and fun. These kinds of stories are the best way children can be taught and also infuse in them a liking for traveling and exploring new destinations. What a charming and fascinating way to tell children all about the continent of Europe!

Ellen Weisberg is a cancer researcher at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Principal Associate in Medicine at Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA), with a doctorate in pharmacology. Ken Yoffe is a pediatrician (Billerica, MA). He also holds a doctorate in genetics. Publications include short stories and poetry published in PKA’s Advocate (bimonthly literary publication), The Writing Disorder (quarterly online literary journal and print anthology book), and Natural Solutions (holistic health magazine). They have also published several children’s books and a young adult novel (Galde Press and Chipmunkapublishing). Among their most recent publications are the anti-bullying NA novel, Angel Rock Leap (Waldorf Publishing, 2016), and the new Friends and Mates in Fifty States (Waldorf Publishing, 2017). They perform as part of a circus troupe that, through live acts and book donations, promotes bullying awareness and bystander intervention to Boys and Girls Clubs, retirement and nursing homes, and hospitals throughout New England. The anti-bullying children’s fantasy, Fruit of the Vine (Chipmunkapublishing, 2010), is being used as part of this show. Ellen and Ken live in Chelmsford, MA, with their daughter, Emily.