Fantasy, Fiction, Horror

In this nostalgic tale of traditional Gothic horror, follow young Nicholas Wescott as he tries desperately to maintain his sanity after being “Chosen” to host a tortured and deviant entity. As the Entity within pulls the strings, Nicholas struggles to retain control but soon the parlor tricks begin to take a deadly turn.

Nicholas desperately clings to his once mundane reality as dark forces seeming out of his control pull him further and further away. Delve into his dreams as they become his waking nightmares and discover just how deeply one can spiral downward into the darkness when the Devil holds the bow.

Sebastian Groff was born in a small town in Texas. His background in music lead to his love of arts and travel. Throughout his travels he has made many friends from all across the world. He is a Chinook Mechanic in the United States Army and is happily married to the love of his life, Rolyn. Together they live in rural Texas with their spoiled terrier, Loo-loo Belle.