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Faith is something you are innately born with or it comes after you’ve been served a hearty dose of “real” life. The latter road is a much tougher journey, and it just so happens to be celebrity carpenter Brandon Russell’s walk towards faith. In his first book, Brandon shares his own experiences while imparting the tools and lessons of wisdom he has learned along the way to create a life built on the solidest of foundations—a foundation of faith in God. The lessons are wrapped into an action-plan called The Toolbox at the end of each chapter. The Toolbox is packed with scripture and applicable lessons for living the best life TODAY!

Growing up in the charming South, Brandon didn’t realize what life had in store for him. A chance meeting changed Brandon’s course from would-be businessman to international male model turned television star. His father, a true Renaissance man and artist, who could build anything, taught Brandon the value of hard work. Yet, it wasn’t until Brandon lost his father to cancer did he realize his father’s actual tools would give him his true calling in life. While finishing his parent’s basement, Brandon began to understand God’s plan for him. After surrendering to the notion that God’s will was bigger than his own, Brandon came to understand his purpose on earth is to reach, inspire, encourage, and uplift others. That calling has been put into action by reaching people in the one place their hearts are most open: their homes. Brandon’s motto is when building any structure you must start with a good foundation.

Brandon has appeared on TLC’s Trading Spaces, A&E’s Drill Team, The Today Show, The View, and numerous other television shows around the globe. He has been featured in Elevate magazine, Epicurean magazine, Jezebel Atlanta Magazine to list a few. Although, all of these are accomplishments he is very proud of, they are not the only things he hopes to be known for. As a dedicated LifeGroups leader, volunteer to various charities, and builder of his own foundation, Fix it Forward, Brandon’s mission is to teach both life and home skills that spark a change. His hope is that ministering his own faith into everything he does will inspire others to find their true calling. Just like his father’s tools did for him.