Children’s, Educational, Health & Fitness

Believe it or not, your brain has higher intelligence than the smartest SMARTPHONE! The best iPhone you’ve ever used does not even come close to being able to perform the many functions of the nervous system. Your muscles have more capability to perform strenuous taxing tasks no pre-programmed ROBOT could ever dream of completing, no matter how strong it may appear. The motor control centers of your body contain SECRETS which help you move that all kids should understand so they can have motivation to work-out and stay fit and healthy. This book presents concepts of movement science and elaborates on the many intricate facets your body uses in PE, on the playground at recess, helping your parents out with chores or yardwork, and even playing your favorite sports! Motor control theories will attempt to explain the mysterious nature of how the brain works conjunctively with nerves and muscles to help you do everyday tasks as well as difficult movements at impeccable skill levels…
This book is an adventurous journey for children into how muscles work with the brain to create movement. The purpose of this book is to educate and stimulate children ages 7-12 in the area of why exercise is good for them by writing directly to them. Parents, educators, youth fitness professionals, and coaches can also glean wisdom from this book on how to apply these directions into specific conditioning programs that are safe and do not result in injury. Exercise can impart tremendous value and character qualities to youths in ways that many other areas cannot reach into the tangible, black-and-white lessons of life. These aspects include healthy social skills, self-esteem + confidence, body and mind discipline, respect for elders, and the value of honest/hard work-ethic. Exercise can also make you feel more relaxed, give you a positive outlook, and contributes greatly to having a very healthy body and a long enjoyable life. Movement patterns for 5 different sports (football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track) and how they happen is examined. Photos and drawings are strategically interspersed to give visual aids and explain what certain concepts mean. Also included is a ‘definitions and deliberations’ section where children can learn new fitness terms and have questions posed to them designed to spark critical thinking in the arena of exercise and sports.

Patrick Greak grew up in the small town of Liberty in southeast Texas. He became fascinated with all things exercise-related at age 12 while training for football. This interest led him to seek a degree at TCU to study the subject and work in that career field. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health & fitness and a master’s degree in kinesiology, both from TCU. He tries to weave faith and character development for youth into his writings while simultaneously instilling a desire to live a healthy, active lifestyle. He resides in Texas and is happy and blessed to call the lone star state his home!