It is said that the most life altering aspects of our lives happen in pieces. For Jessica Saroyan, it just took three disjointed pieces to completely shake the very foundation of her existence.
Three single pieces: A Diagnosis…Complete turmoil…The heartbreaking loss…

Shut off from the world, and dealing with her father’s recent ALS diagnosis, Jessica is determined to make every moment with her father count! Struggling with the decision to either let her father know about the diagnosis or carry the weight of it on her own, Jessica decides to focus on making memories. Yet the memories within this new reality overtake the ones from before as she finds herself staring down the barrel of her wedding that she’s no longer certain should take place. Lost, confused and heartbroken, Jessica turns to her family and best friend, Alec, as she tries to exist in a world where everything she loves slowly begins to fade one piece at a time.

Janet Frnzyan is an instructional coach at a public high school and has taught English for 10 years. She has a background in journalism where she has written, edited and published many articles at various lengths. She has a BA in English, an MA in Education and before she began teaching, she was the Managing Editor of a local newspaper. Counting Heartbeats is very near and dear to her heart, as it is the result of watching her vibrant and energetic father struggle to survive and ultimately succumb to ALS. Though fictional, Counting Heartbeats is a representation of the heartbreaking experiences she and her family went through from the very first diagnosis to her father’s ultimate demise.