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Finding religion saved him from the trenches of life on the street. Like a wild animal having to adapt in a city jungle, this is the transformation of a young boy growing up in an environment of consistent pain, sorrow and grief. While most homes provide safety and protection, this boy learned early that if he didn’t adapt to the world around him, his life would be cut short. Each day was a test of survival and that was his purpose: to survive at all costs even if it meant condemnation.

Growing up in inner city Baltimore, Sharrod Kenney made choices, good and bad, in order to survive in a place where the lines between right and wrong were inevitably blurred by circumstance. The decisions he made were based on the need to survive with the majority weighing not only emotionally heavy on his heart and soul, but physically, as well. In hopes of letting others know there is always a way out, Sharrod Kenney pulls back the exterior of his life to delve into the details. This is the journey of a life at times uncomfortably familiar behind closed doors yet remarkably unique in its entirety.

Sharrod Kenney is a behavior specialist who has been working in the field for nearly a decade. He is the founder of Changing Lives Human Services, LLC to help others with the skills and necessities to be successful in life. He is also the co-owner of the non-profit organization Mind Over Matter Health Services, Inc. to provide mental health services to individuals in the community with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Sharrod is deeply passionate about sharing his life’s story to positively impact the lives of others. Sharrod Kenney currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and children.