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Everyone has a Dash. You can’t get rid of it. You can’t hide it. You can’t throw it away. It follows you from birth throughout your entire life. Your Dash represents everything in your life from beginning to end. Your successes – your failures – your relationships – your bucket list. The problem is that most people don’t start to really LIVE until their Dash becomes real to them through some type of tragedy, bad news, or unexpected illness.
This book challenges you not to wait another moment to start living your life in a way that causes you to feel excitement and passion for each day – experiencing your dreams, and checking your bucket list off as you go – not at the end. It provides key elements to help you to learn to live in the moment and maximize what Tom calls “Your Personal GDP”.  Maximize your Personal GDP, and you maximize your Dash – so your obituary doesn’t suck.

Tom Morrison is a 20-year veteran as a trade association executive having held the CEO role in all three companies he has lead since 1995. Tom is well published in the association media and through his experiences and being a “student of life,” is considered by many of his friends and colleagues to be a consummate life coach. Foreword by Richard Marks PhD, LPC Dr. Marks is one of the country’s premier experts on life, relationships and communication skills. Dr. Marks has counseled thousands of couples and speaks to small companies to Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. on building sound life and relationship skills that last.  This book has already been endorsed by Jim Wacksman-President-Association Studios Sheri Jacobs-President–Avenue M Group, Tim Owen-President-Owen & Associates Dave Will-President-Peach New Media, Layla Masri-President-Bean Creative…to list a few!