Fiction, Science Fiction

Although born of a DRUX, Dembrek is never told who his father is. Torn between heroism and rebellion, Dembrek carries a fierce anger that often overtakes him. As a great tyrant rises with a monstrous slave army, Dembrek has the chance to prove his might. A hero after defeating the sorcerer and his great army, Dembrek falls deeply in love with a mage girl, and the power of that love changes him forever. When a new terrifying warlord attacks, and steals his true love for slavery, Dembrek must again unsheathe his magical blade. But will his half-DRUX be enough to stop this menacing foe?

S.P. Joseph Lyons is a Canadian author with Aboriginal ancestry. As a young child he was impacted by abuse and neglect. He was then taken into foster care at the age of three where he continued to endure abuse until his adoption. It was in those dark times that he realized the only safe place in this world was not of this world, but in his imagination and creativity. His own experiences and encounters helped form his six-book series’ rich themes and unforgettable characters. Passion and creativity never ceased and once into adulthood, he began to pen his series with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Before he started his writing career, he had had much success as a business development manager and account executive, working for a number of large firms, as well as running his own company. Though he enjoyed the challenges of his work, his heart was always in the universe he had created, and was endlessly driven to bringing those stories to life. He is best known for his fierce passion and wild imagination. Take the journey with him, suffer the pains, rise with the triumphs, fall in love, and defend honor at all cost.