Crime, Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Romance

Bo Carmichael thought Echo Valley, New Hampshire was in her rear view mirror. Circumstances lead her straight back. Now, the one-time aspiring doctor is raising a son she never planned on having and toiling away as a hairdresser to pay the bills. When her boss hands her a plum assignment-preparing the family of a leading presidential candidate for their Christmas card photo-Bo inadvertently stumbles into a seedy scandal involving the happily-married candidate and his exquisite female staffer. She becomes an unacceptable risk. The candidate’s loyal keeper will do anything to keep the potential president’s dirty little secret under wraps. He tries to shut her up by constructing a web of lies that paint Bo as a street-level criminal, then an ominous warning from a perceptive detective that there is an even more sinister effort underway to take away Bo’s four-year-old son, Bailey. He tells her to get far away while he tries to sort things out. She retreats to the one place that used to make her feel safe- her grandfather’s farm tucked away in the Great North Woods.

Beckett Brady knows bad guys; he hunts them for a living. As he dissects the odd angles of this case, he is guided by a hot-blooded yet inexplicable bond to Bo that is beyond a simple call to duty. He recruits his former mentor who has since become a surrogate father figure to both Bo and Bailey–the freshly-retired police chief of Echo Valley–to help unravel the hastily hatched operation to keep Bo quiet. As powerful forces close in, Beck joins Bo at the farm to prepare for battle, neither of them expecting the furious rush of desire that seems almost as palpable as the danger they face

Jennifer Vaughn is an Emmy nominated, award winning TV news anchor at ABC affiliate WMUR-TV, in New Hampshire. Her work has earned a Red Cross Sword of Hope Award, Associated Press honors, multiple NH Association of Broadcasters commendations, and she has contributed to coverage recognized with an Edward R. Murrow Award. Jennifer has held roles in internationally televised presidential debates alongside CNN, ABC News, and Fox News, and has conducted one-on-one interviews with sitting presidents of the United States, and every presidential candidate to cross the NH border. Jennifer has ventured to Houston, Texas, to interview President George H.W. Bush, and his wife, Barbara, and been dispatched to Arizona, to cover the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXll. When ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover rolled into New Hampshire, she was there when a local family saw their new home for the first time. Jennifer is the author of three novels, Last Flight Out, Throw Away Girls, and Legacy Girls. Her most important job of all: mom. Alongside her husband, Brad Dupuis, Jennifer is joyfully raising two great kids, Brody and Darby, and their cocker spaniel, Fletcher.