Action, Children’s, History, Juvenile Fiction

Henry Jones was a typical third grader during the school day. After school Henry became the time traveling adventurer of the magical Grand Excelsior Hotel. Henry and his friends Tommy and Horatio use the elevator to travel back in time to solve problems. Sometimes they make more problems along the way.

In their latest adventure the boys travel back to the time of the Wright Brothers to make up for a bad day at school. When they return home Henry and Tommy discover that their actions have changed the history of air travel. The boys must go back to Kitty Hawk to help Wilbur and Orville with engineering the first flight. The future of modern travel is at stake.

Dan Soderberg is a freelance writer, business professor, and IT professional. He has written for Yahoo! Sports, Man Cave Daily, Splicetoday and The Good Men Project. Edie Medium is Dan’s fourth children’s book. Dan’s most important role is being a father and husband. He lives with his wife and kids in Southern Pennsylvania. In his free time Dan enjoys reading, biking, and kayaking.