Autobiography, Biography, Crime, Detective, History, Memoir, Nonfiction, Personal Growth

Fighting Monsters is a collection of Sean Joselyn’s memorable experiences during his, still very active, law enforcement career. During these experiences while assigned to patrol and SWAT, he has witnessed tragedy, seen lives taken, and taken someone’s life himself. His stories illustrate the monsters he and his teams have fought. In his book, he will walk you through these experiences by putting yourself in his boots. You will learn about his successes and failures as he lived and learned from them. He will share the emotional toll that this career has taken on him and his family.

The monsters, though, aren’t always who you think they are. They come in different forms, different areas of his life, and even from within. You see, Sergeant Sean Joselyn has learned that it takes a monster to fight monsters. He has trained himself both physically and mentally to do this; to fight and win at all costs. He now trains his team to have the same mindset. He has created a calloused group of warriors who will walk into hell together, side by side, but at what cost?

Sean Joselyn has been in law enforcement since 2000 and is currently assigned to the patrol division of a large Sheriff’s Department in Colorado.  He is a Sergeant on patrol and the current team leader of a Regional Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team. Sean has been involved in four critical incidents during his career and has received awards for his professionalism under extreme stress. Sean’s experience at the Sheriff’s Department began in the detentions division where he spent 2 years in operations before transferring to patrol. After 9 years on patrol Sean transferred to the training department as the academy coordinator. After 2 1/2 years in the training unit and coordinating 5 academies, Sean was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sean has been a member of the regional SWAT team since 2004 and held many positions ranging from observer/marksman to entry team. In 2012 he was appointed to the team leader position and currently supervises 19 operators, 3 SWAT K9s, and 1 SWAT medic. Sean coordinates and instructs the majority of the SWAT team’s training including but not limited to:  Hostage Rescue, Barricade Resolution, Vehicle Assaults, Dynamic Entries, and Methodical Search Techniques. Sean also plans and oversees the team’s tactical operations. He is heavily involved in the department’s in-service training for its sworn personnel as well as the regional law enforcement academy. There he instructs firearms, driving, building search, officer survival, rapid and immediate deployment (RAID) to the active shooter, response to critical incidents, and a basic SWAT course. Sean has also instructed tactical gas deployment in basic SWAT schools as well as dynamic movement post explosive breach in advanced SWAT schools.