History, Military

Forgotten and Ignored Vietnam War Veterans: Thailand-Based Veterans Were Also Contaminated With Agent Orange is filled with facts and official statements taken from various government documents that have been hidden away for decades and largely ignored for several years. An important examination of certain facts is included that discusses what appears to be a concerted effort between two individuals in two different government organizations in denying veterans’ claims for medical care and compensation.

This book was developed by a veteran who, himself, was daily exposed to toxic chemical insecticides/pesticides and repeatedly contaminated by “chemical herbicides” sprayed by unqualified Security Police Squadron personnel as part of a self-project in the base’s “Operation Vegetation Control” during the Vietnam War. The author currently has a diagnosis of terminal cancer with a life expectancy of only about two years.

This one of a kind book brings together the proof from several official documents about chemical herbicide exposure and the necessary information needed to write a claim for such exposure. A must read book for every Thailand-based veteran, regardless of what military branch they served in during the Vietnam War.

Dr. Robert L. McHenry is a retired United States Air Force Officer with 25 years’ service. He began his Air Force career in December 1965 after graduating from High School that summer. As a member of the baby-boomer generation he is also a ‘Class of 1965’ High School graduate that joined the military to avoid being drafted. He used his military teaching experience to work as an adjunct professor teaching business and management courses in several colleges over the years. In addition, he personally developed two training courses he taught in two different Ohio prisons. Dr. McHenry currently resides with his wife of 35 years and their toy poodle in an independent living cottage within a large Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). He jokingly refers to his CCRC residence as a prison where he is a trustee allowed to depart the campus while the residents living in Assisted Living and Rehab Center are prisoners. He considers himself a realist in that a half-full glass of Amaretto is neither full nor empty. He researches extensively to write with documented facts and stats. He has more books in varying stages of development.