“You’re a loyal government worker, aren’t you?”
Follow the clerk’s adventures through vast government offices as he struggles to make a name for himself on a secret mission for the director. The clerk promised his betrothed he would build a life for them in the city when he moved away from his parents’ farm, so he refuses to let any absurd situation prevent him from doing his job so well that he’ll be promoted to senior clerk. The clerk comes face-to-face with a philosopher queen leading saboteurs to overthrow the government with philosophy. Inscrutable bureaucratic systems that seem tangled with war crimes ensnare the clerk. He must also shake a hobo who is convinced the clerk’s pocket change can transform him from hobo to senator. As the ordeals mount, the clerk takes strength from the little black mouse who lives in his shirt pocket.
How to Get a Promotion When Your Boss Is Trying to Kill You is at turns hilarious, intelligent, exhilarating, and imaginative. Part riotous lampoon of the modern workplace and part existential drama of one’s place in society, this is the novel you won’t stop talking about.

Joseph Patrick Pascale’s short fiction has been published in Birkensnake, Literary Orphans, Pidgeonholes, Spank the Carp, The American (Rome), The Apeiron Review, Off the Rocks, Instigatorzine, On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded onto Twitter, Seven by Twenty, Cuento Magazine, and other journals and anthologies. He was part of the editorial team for Drunken Boat, an international online literary journal of the arts, and he contributes nonfiction to literary publications such as Full Stop or his personal blog, Cryptomnesia. Pascale studied under poet Mark Doty when he earned his Master of Arts in Literature from Centenary University. He worked as a farmhand, reporter, auto parts deliverer, executive recruiter, and reference book editor before becoming an educator. You can read more at his website: