Fiction, Romance

Sharp-witted paralegal Ellie Greenberg has a dynamite career at a law firm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Happily divorced, in the middle years of her life and keeping sexy ‘n’ sassy, she decompresses from the demands of her career by joining the jazz scene at a local college. The instant she sees the very-married new soloist, trumpet player Vincent Keyes, she’s speared directly in the heart by Cupid’s arrow. Unfortunately, Ellie has also walked straight into the romantic cross-hairs of ace lawyer Stan Feldman.
Ellie tries to gain her footing in the emotional tornado, where the ride is thrilling but ultimately unsustainable. She agonizes over choosing between the two men…or changing her life completely.

Debbie Burke is a Brooklyn-born writer who lives in Pennsylvania. She has a background in print production, advertising and marketing, was the editor of an award-winning business journal, and is currently the editor of a lifestyle publication. She was trained on alto saxophone at the New School for Social Research in NYC and played in a community jazz band for many years. Debbie is the author of The Poconos in B Flat. She is a contributing writer for and Her jazz blog at features Q&A-style interviews with jazz artists around the world.