Children’s, Juvenile Fiction

Delightfully captivating the imagination and a world of wonder is this bedtime story about Henry, a teddy bear, and an astronaut. When Henry lays down to sleep, the brightness of the night sky greets him. Henry wonders what is hiding behind the twinkling stars and the light of the moon that shines into his bedroom each night. The stellar adventure begins with Henry’s rocket ship flying into the night’s sky toward the edge of space and then landing on the Moon.

From Earth’s satellite, Henry takes a magical ride on a Solar System Slide where he meets and greets each planet. The planets welcome Henry, and their conversations lead to details and knowledge about each planet. A stellar and high-spirited story for reaching for the stars, the moon, and beyond. A little boy who believes in his dreams. A dream where he becomes Henry the Astronaut.

Dedicated to: Elma Maua and Kaina Yasuhara

“The conundrum of life is not easily solved by thought but achieved through action. You may not always find what you are seeking, but in your quest, you may discover happiness at the end of the path.” Jonna Amato-Ocampo is a Commercial Scientist-Astronaut Candidate who believes that dreams do not have deadlines. Her first children’s book, On My Way to the Lilikoi Tree, has won the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Silver Medal Winner for Children's Picture Ebook, reached #1 New Release on Amazon for Children’s Mystery and Wonder Books and received the distinction of Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite. “Writing to inspire, photographing to create a vision, and sharing to give hope.” As the Founder of CD-SEAS Mission Microgravity, her goal is promoting scientific discovery through research, and testing in extreme environments for dual applications on Earth and in Space. Her research made the manifest for Citizens in Space first suborbital scientific flight. For NASA, she was a Mission Specialist during the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA XII) and believes that life develops meaning when you have a chance to be part of something greater than yourself.