Fiction, Science Fiction

On an Earth that is very much like our own, the civilizations of ancient man have been crushed; the giant glaciers that cover the northern part of the globe continue even now moving ever south; grinding the remains of the sky-touching cities of men beneath them. This ice age created warfare between two mighty nations; and in the midst of this mechanized slaughter, a virulent influenza plague ultimately killed most of the human population of the Earth within just one year. Now, almost two thousand years later, some of the survivors of that plague have again gathered together in a few vast city-states. In the wild lands between these megalopolises, the individuals who’d chosen not to return to the sprawl of the city-states, roam as the Free Tribes in the company of sabretooth cats, mammoths and dire wolves.

In this world there is only a tentative peace; there are those in the Black City of the West for whom only one thing matters; the power to dominate and subjugate; the power to kidnap and enslave children & women into a sexual bondage purporting to save their souls, but in reality to supply wealth to a priesthood whose hearts are as black as the zeppelins they fly.

Into this steam-power world, two young people must journey. It will be a journey from innocence that will carry them from their tribe into the black heart of the basalt city. It will be a journey that will change them forever; and bring them closer together than they’d thought possible.

Keith Mueller was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1949, the youngest of three siblings. Raised in Tucson, he attended Tucson High School. He then enrolled in the University of Arizona, Mr. Mueller ultimately finished with degrees in art and art education, after a 6 year break during which he served in the US Air Force he completed training as a firearms instructor at Lackland AFB in Texas, where he was assigned to the range and subsequently asked to join the Air Force Pistol team stationed there. He also served as an instructor at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, where he met/ married his wife. After leaving the Air Force, Mr. Mueller finished his degrees and moved to Phoenix with his wife who was teaching there. Both Mr. Mueller and his wife followed their interest in antiques and built a business of buying and selling antiques at shows and in antique malls. They bought a store in Sun City, which they sold in 2009, and retired when Mrs. Mueller became ill. A few years after her passing, Mr. Mueller decided to begin a new path as an author of science fiction and fantasy. Today Mr. Mueller still lives in the Phoenix area, pursuing his new passion of writing.