Children’s, Humor

The Little Book of Laughter contains a wide range of jokes, riddles, and rhymes such as blond jokes, married couple jokes, mother-in-law jokes, office jokes, sports jokes, riddles, rhymes, limericks, and funny one-liners.  Appropriate for all ages, the book includes jokes the whole family can read. The compact size makes it easy to tuck in to your handbag, beach bag, or luggage so you can pass the time while traveling, or sitting on the beach.

Maureen Sangiorgio is an award-winning writer with over 20 years’ experience writing for national print and online publications, websites, and blogs. Maureen has also been a contributing writer of over a dozen consumer health books, and has been a ghost-writer to several physicians. Maureen is based in the Philadelphia suburb of Macungie, PA.