Mind / Body, Spirit

This little book celebrates some of the millions of ways we touch each other’s souls through the five senses of our physical bodies, and that special something, sometimes called the sixth sense, or intuition.  Touch is essential to our lives from before birth to beyond our physical life span. Without it, we fail to thrive, and if we fail to thrive, our physical bodies die, and our souls ache for possibilities never realized. Although the messages are presented chronologically through a human’s life span, opening any page will reveal at least one of the miracles of Human Touch.  Enjoy!

About the Author: This book is inspired by author Molly Burton’s 28-year-old business, Human Touch Massage and (trademark: The McKay Method) Energy Healing. In 2017, her first book, Finally, A Parade for You, gave thanks to the men and women who served in the Vietnam War. Through her website, www.humantouchmassageandenergyhealing.net, (information only), Molly has provided various methods for contact. She lives in Redmond, Oregon.

Molly Burton grew up in a small Oregon town. She graduated in 1969 from Oregon College of Education (now Western Oregon College, in Monmouth, Oregon), She taught middle school language arts for 30 years. For 27 years, Ms. Burton has been a practicing licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. Her studies in energy healing began four years ago, and she now has a growing clientele in that field as well. Ms. Burton’s interest in the Vietnam veterans began when she first heard about the war in high school. A few years later, a classmate who was a neighbor, and her cousin were chopper pilots killed in the war. During her teaching career, in the 70’s and 80’s, she began to notice her students wearing ‘camo’ outfits to school. These students were wearing actual uniform fatigues of their parents who had served in Vietnam. She became even more interested when her children joined the military. Recently, a Vietnam veteran told his tale of being burned by Agent Orange, and that was the catalyst that began her journey in seeking the stories of the war’s real heroes.