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The Spectacular World of Waldorf allows children to discover new places in the USA & worldwide through humorous and intriguing travels for the picture book age reader. Bright-detailed illustrations combined with the attention savvy stories allow parents, educators and more to introduce the world to small children in a format that grabs their attention.

This comical Labrador draws children into his whimsical adventures in search of his lost reading spectacles. The poor pup has a habit of misplacing them but children will be enticed into his many travels to help silly Mr. Waldorf locate them as he discovers new friends and places in a format that small children will easily recollect and adore.

On this adventure, Mr. Waldorf takes a trip to the Big Sky Country, State of Montana. Mr. Waldorf invites you to join his “Whoofishly” fun adventures! Where will the fuzzy canine end up next?

Barbara Terry is one of the most sought-after Auto Experts, Columnists, Producers, Show Hosts, Authors and Off Road Racers. She has been featured in over 100 publications and has made more than 1200 Television and Radio appearances since 2006. Barbara decided after an amazing 10 year career in the Entertainment Industry, starting a Publishing Company was only fitting! After embarking on building a rapidly growing publishing company named after her Labrador Waldorf (aka Wally) Barbara Terry: TV Host, Spokesperson, Personality and Author, set-out to Co-Author this fun new series along with fellow Author and Labrador lover Beth Ann Stifflemire and “The Spectacular World Of Waldorf” was born. This lovable canine series is full of unforgettable, amusing and educational adventures that will have small children falling in love with the adorable Mr. Waldorf and begging parents for the next Mr. Waldorf book.