Fiction, History, Romance

In book two of The Prodigy Slave, the unknown injustices taking place behind the scenes are detailed during Lily’s unprecedented journey to Winter Garden. The twisted web of deception slowly unravels to unveil the unsuspecting deviants responsible for the dramatic turn of events on Christmas night that leave Lily completely blindsided and desperately trying to decipher between enemies and allies. Amid trying to make sense of the confusion, two deep secrets are inadvertently revealed that bring rise to blackmail, threats of murder, revenge, and sinful betrayal. The shocking revelations leave Lily obsessively questioning her sanity, the purpose of her existence, and the validity of her unique love affair. Ultimately, Lily questions whether she will ever live out her musical dreams and sail to the Old World ruled by a queen, or live the nightmare of being imprisoned in the old world ruled by her abusive, psychopathic, white supremacist master.

Londyn Skye is a comical, Forty-year-old mother of two, million-mile lady trucker Phenom, all-American athlete, and a romance novel junkie who playfully labels herself as a “certified weirdo!” She readily admits that her desire to become an author was for a very silly reason: FRUSTRATION! After years of reading romance, she was frustrated by the rarity of intense plots, memorable side characters, emotional depth, and interesting couples in many love stories. To escape life troubles, Londyn began creating stories in the fantasy world of her mind when she was a child. As an adult, her frustrations with the genre of romance led her to challenge herself to turn her comforting fantasies into a novel that had all the elements that, in her opinion, were missing from many books. That challenge led her to write “The Prodigy Slave” trilogy. Wanting the utmost quality for her readers, Londyn has diligently worked to balance the saga with humor, drama, romance, unpredictable plots, and devious neurotic characters that are equally as captivating as the erotic love scenes between the fascinating heroes and heroines. She has painstakingly painted her fantasies with words in a way where she hopes readers will see the images just as beautifully as she does in her own unique mind. Most importantly, she hopes that everyone will feel just as emotionally moved and inspired by the heroes and heroines in her love story as she is.