Nic Schuck follows up his debut novel, Native Moments, with a gritty tale of family drama. Mostly set in the fictional lumber town of Sullivan, Florida, a sleepy forgotten place on the Florida-Alabama border, Panhandlers, a novel in stories, follows Hank Ackerman as he grows up in poverty and attempts to escape the same demons that haunted his father. Sometimes dreams are all people have and it’s those dreams of far-off places that can be the difference in embarking on a life of adventure or being complacent in the life you were born into.

Nic Schuck was born on Florida’s Emerald Coast in Pensacola, Florida. He graduated with a MA in English from the University of West Florida and is an adjunct in the English department at Pensacola State College. Prior to earning his MA, Nic spent ten years as a public school teacher, eight of those years teaching middle school. He then took a risk and opened his own business, Emerald Coast Tours, a historic tour company in Pensacola, Florida. He continues to lead tours in his home town where he lives with his daughter.