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Set against the rainy, muddy backdrop known as the Woodstock ’94 Music & Art Fair, Peace, Love n’ Mud tells the not-so-classic tale of a young boy, who despite hailing from a damaged family where he encounters negativity at every turn, Kraig uses his passions along with a little luck and unwavering faith – to find his way to salvation.

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s more to “Peace, Love, n’ Mud” than one might think. Sure, part of this multifaceted read takes place at Woodstock ’94, where Kraig Geiger, the novel’s author and protagonist, recounts much of his tale but that is just part of it.

“Peace, Love n’ Mud” tells the not-so-classic tale of a boy who hails from a damaged family. It begins generations ago, where he treats his readers to a thoughtful and insightful look at the “how’s” and “why’s” of his situation.

Despite his continual attempts to be loved at home, he must endure continual negativity. But don’t despair—after all, Kraig doesn’t. Instead, he finds and ultimately uses his passions along with a little luck and unwavering faith to find his way to salvation.

“Peace, Love, n’ Mud” is a book about strength, pain, loss, love, hope, faith, lust, music, art, belief, and beauty. It’s for anyone who dares to dream, but is not afraid to live in reality.

On July 14th, 1963, Sharon Niman-Geiger gave birth to her first and only son, Kraig Steven Geiger. Raised from birth, in North Miami Beach, Florida, Kraig, his mother Sharon, father Paul, and his only sibling Tobi would live together until he reached the age of nine. At that time, Kraig’s tumultuous home life would take a turn for the worse, when seemingly out of nowhere, his parents began proceedings on what could only be described as a horrific divorce. The move would leave Kraig disenfranchised and heartbroken. His parents’ divorce would make it that much tougher, yet imperative, for Kraig to find his calling, or purpose in his life. On the evening of October 7, 1978, at the age of just fifteen, Kraig borrowed his father’s camera, a Pentax K-1000, and used it to photograph the very first rock n’ roll concert he attended. For Kraig, that was the beginning point of what quickly become a passion, before blossoming into his calling, as a concert photographer. Kraig Geiger has captured more than 4,000 of the world’s most famous recording artists, all on 35-mm film, at more than 1,200 concerts; including the Woodstock Music and Art Fairs, in 1994 and ‘99. However, that’s just the beginning of Kraig’s amazing journey toward salvation, while working over the past 37-years, as a professional concert photographer.