Fiction, Suspense

Lucky to be alive, Benjamin Harrington, one of the youngest CMOs of one of the largest communication companies in the world, realizes that he has uncovered a plot much larger than what he originally thought. A simple company take over, and jousting for market share had turned into a life and death situation, not just for his company, but for himself. While he has proven time after time that he has a special talent for getting himself and others out of trouble, this time he might have met his match. In this sequel to The Marketer, and the number two book in the Armitage Series, Ben finds himself ensnared in battle to fend off corporate espionage and take over efforts by Mason James, an international financier known for getting what he wants no matter the price.
Ben has a plan to consolidate his gains by forming a new business partnership with the famed Rhoades Transportation Company. If he can link two powerhouse industries in streamlining services to consumers world-wide, he will have made his mark in the marketing world. However, things quickly go awry. As the unexpected rules the day, product engineers go missing, test runs fail, and strange… “accidents”… keep occurring. Ben must work to solve the mystery and expose the true culprit – if only he were in control.

Alexander Lahargoue is a marketing student in the inaugural cohort of the CBA Honors Academy at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. Throughout his young career, he has combined the Academy’s accelerated learning outcomes with immediate and focused real-world business experiences. To date, he has played a hand in several state-wide and national campaigns for political advocacy organizations and business corporations. These opportunities have helped him gain key insights behind the corporate machine and has lifted the veil; to see the side of business often hidden from the public. He has combined this intrigue into his first novel: The Marketer.