Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

For Dara, the price does not feel steep: to rescue her father, the precious cup of the goddess Ceridwen, which he had stolen years before, is sent back to her. What she cannot know is how the goddess brooded over its theft. The return unleashes a storm of revenge against the two gods who aided the thief. What she has learned is that her father lied when he claimed her mother died: she fled the day he stole the cup, for as an elf of the clan bound to Ceridwen, she could not remain with the daughter she loved. With friends William and Korina, Dara decides to travel to Scotland. She needs to understand what it means to be half-elven and longs to meet her mother again.

The three land in Scotland amidst unexplained explosions and vicious storms. Dara’s mother tells her these are kindled by the goddess’ fury. The two gods retaliate with their own storms and by cracking open the earth, summoning molten rock, and threatening the birth of a volcano. Because Dara and her friends know what unleashed Ceridwen’s revenge, the queen of her mother’s clan assigns them a quest: locate the shards of Excalibur. They learn that before being carried to Avalon, King Arthur commissioned Gawain, Morgan, and his son Mordred to lead a Triad to protect the land. In the current day, the three groups have drifted apart, but if called together they might have the power to stop the destruction. Can the young Canadians reunite those who carry Arthur’s legacy and find a way to hold back the storms?

Cathy Hird is a shepherd and a weaver. She runs a small sheep farm with her family, and she shepherds a church near Toronto, Ontario. Cathy weaves tapestries and scarves, and she tells stories that pull together the threads of ancient myth and modern questions.Cathy has two Young Adult fantasy novels set in ancient Greece as well as an upcoming contemporary Young Adult fantasy set in rural Ontario. She has published stories and poems, and writes a weekly column for an on-line news magazine. She is an avid reader who loves to discover new fantasy and Sci-fi authors and the worlds they build.