Crime, Fiction, Mystery/Suspense

In the same vein as Robin Cook and Michael Palmer, Dr. Ilene B. Benator crafts a terrifying medical thriller that is sure to excite.

A med student discovers his schizophrenic patient’s psychotic ramblings about a plot to control the population might actually be real, and his pursuit of the truth puts him in grave peril.

Dan Greenberg was a promising medical student who was derailed by Catherine—a bizarre schizophrenic patient whose delusions about patients in danger at hospitals all around Chicago were startlingly specific.

Drawn by both curiosity and compassion, Dan investigates, discovering that they were exactly where Catherine said they would be. Who are these people? Why are they in danger? Are they connected with each other?

While incarcerated, he joins forces with an unlikely ally Jake—who murdered his family during a drug-induced psychotic break, but is also a charming hacker with street smarts who creates a plan to get Dan’s life back. In his attempts to do so, he threatens to uncover a conspiracy to track and manipulate the population by a cabal of influential people who will do anything to keep their plot secret. He will learn just how far powerful people will go to stay in control, and the high price of the truth.

Schizo takes readers on a wildly unexpected journey into the what-ifs of medical science. Written by an Emergency Physician, Ilene B. Benator crafts situations that are terrifying, yet all too believable.

A board certified Emergency Physician, Ilene B. Benator practices in the southeast and has already published a non-fiction title “How to Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit”.  She wrote the screenplay adaptation for Schizo which won a Certificate of Merit in the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood Screenwriting Competition, and was finalist in the Los Angeles United Film Festival Screenwriting Competition as well as the Peachtree Village International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. She grew up in New York, went to medical school in Chicago and now lives in Atlanta. When not working or being soccer mom to her two kids, she enjoys architectural photography, camping, skiing, and takes hikes in the mountains with her husband and black fluffy dog Daisy.