Fiction, History


“The Fly Strip” is the story of a witty seventeen-year-old boy in rural Indiana in 1960, who finds himself on the front lines of the integration movement of that era. Through chaos and tragedy, he turns to his young teacher for support. He soon discovers the secrets of this small Midwestern town…and experiences a most forbidden love.

Winner of numerous Awards prior to the book being published

Opus Magnum Discovery Awards – Honorable Mention

Winner – Unpublished Stories – Great Northwest Book Festival

Winner – Unpublished Stories – Los Angeles Book Festival

Winner – Unpublished Stories – Pacific Rim Book Festival

Winner – Unpublished Stories – San Francisco Book Festival

Honorable Mention – Unpublished Stories – Amsterdam Book Festival

Winner – Unpublished Stories – Great Southeast Book Festival

Gwen Banta was born in Binghamton, NY and educated in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she received B.A. and M.S. degrees from Butler University. She also received a language certification degree from The Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. The author has received numerous awards for her fiction, including: Opus Magnum Discovery Awards For New Literature – Honorable Mention; Winner, Unpublished Fiction – Great Northwest Book Festival; Winner, Unpublished Fiction – Los Angeles Book Festival; Winner, Unpublished Stories, Pacific Rim Book Festival; Winner, Unpublished Stories – San Francisco Book Festival; Honorable Mention, Unpublished Stories – Amsterdam Book Festival; Winner, Unpublished Stories – Great Southeast Book Festival. Gwen has also written several screenplays. Her screenplay, Skies A Fallin,’ is currently under option to an independent producer. Awards for her screenplays include: Writer’s Project Semi-Finalist; Chesterfield Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalist; Columbine International Screenwriting Competition Finalist; Ohio Film Festival Semi-Finalist; People’s Pilot Semi- Finalist. Gwen, a former award-winning actress of stage, screen and television, alternates her time between family, writing and a successful real estate career. She is a supporter of Global Green International and numerous other charitable organizations. She resides in LA with her dog, Buddy, who is a major fan of her books…as long as there are endless treats involved.