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Knowing your inner Self better prepares you to appreciate the flaws and positive qualities of others. In taking time out for self-serving solitude, we become a selfless, more empathetic person. Thus, self-mastery is not only about creating inner power but it is also about attaining the strength and wisdom required to confront our flaws.

Too often, we approach our existence with mastering skills for a sense of individual and professional achievement. Further, we seek to build and nurture those skills in order to feel productive and quell sentiments of complacency.

The Mastery of You takes you on a self-discovering journey that provides the framework for developing inner self-confidence. The priority shifts from other-centric to self-centric. And, in the end, giving you the tools in order to be a healthier, happier and balanced individual.

Renu S Persaud is an accomplished Canadian social scientist, professor, lecturer and author. With a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Toronto, her ideas and adept understanding of social life have touched the lives of thousands of individuals. She is actively involved in research and writing on sense of self, well-being and mending of the broken spirit.