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Introducing, The Quantum Prayer, an inspiring, deeply personal, chronicle of how the author, Dr. Joshua Kai, remarkably transformed his entire life in the course of one year. Like so many people today, Joshua found himself at a point where he was simply “enduring” his life. At odds with his work, relationships, home life, finances, and health, he made the courageous choice to systematically walk away from disharmony, embrace his own authenticity, and intentionally create an extraordinary life of what he describes as Heaven on Earth. Joshua shares every detail beginning with his background in metaphysics, his work as a channel, how he discovered Quantum Prayer, and even the divine synchronicities that led him to ultimately meet the love of his life.

 This is so much more than a prayer book, or one of the many spiritual books which discuss how to get what you want or how to find someone to love you forever. Joshua reaches beyond the Law of Attraction into his own deep awakening and details the extraordinary outcome of making conscious choices. He trusts the Universe and learns to trust in himself while healing after loss and gaining a profound understanding of soulmate relationships. Joshua’s thoughtful, very intimate story is shared in his book with the clear intent of helping others prepare for and achieve their very best life possible.

Dr. Joshua Kai is an international teacher, author, and speaker in the fields of self-development, spiritual growth, and emerging consciousness. Born and raised in the United States, Kai holds a doctorate in Naturopathy, which ignited his passionate pursuit of self discovery and mastery. Through his early work in the holistic field of mind-body-spirit wellness, he awakened to his own abilities in the area of metaphysics and channeling which, he now works to make available to a wider audience. Dr. Kai stays busy working with the global community to share his work, and spends most of his time writing from his home in Virginia just outside of Washington, DC—enjoying time in nature, with friends, and with his beautiful loving family.