Action, Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Two boys and two girls—Sparky and Notch, and Sandy and Neff—are best friends. They have skied and snowboarded together into every corner of Jagged Peak in search of adventure, but always within the safety of that ski area’s boundaries. Until now, when they follow the tracks of a strange, snow-sliding creature into the volcanic out-of-bounds. And vanish…

…Into another world. Three land deep in an eerie jungle and one falls high on an icy cornice—all of them ditched by a tricky, rogue wormhole, which disappears over distant, snow-covered peaks. The four have no idea—yet—that they’re on a volcanic island in the middle of a vast sea, and that the wormhole—their only way home—has vanished across that sea. Nor can they possibly imagine the dangers that lie ahead.

Filled with wildly imaginative creatures, humanoids, jungles and mountains—plus a wormhole with a mind of its own—this hair-raising adventure should appeal to preteens, teens and fantasy-loving adults everywhere.

Dave Schneider, a former medical writer turned author, lives in Vermont. His passion is skiing. He raced on his college ski team, taught his three sons to ski, and began coaching junior racers who were, he says, “A fun bunch of very talented boys and girls,” some of whom eventually made their college teams and the US Ski Team. Dave is an Honorary Trustee of the Green Mountain Valley School, a leading ski racing and college preparatory academy. The story of The Snowy began, he says, “One day, after a blizzard, when some racers and I went up to ski the fresh powder. As our chairlift rose over the snow-laden trees, we wondered what it would be like if an alien creature was hiding down there. Why would it be there? How would it get there? Would we ever see it? Would it be friendly, or dangerous…?”