Children’s, Juvenile Fiction, Poetry

REDISCOVER childhood in this vast collection of illuminating stories that are reminiscent of classical rhymes and tales. The second part to Timeless Tales, Nursery Rhymes and Poems, shares in adventures we partook as children and introduces new and imaginative possibilities for young readers. With over 100 pages filled with dazzling and captivating drawings and stories, children will never cease to be enchanted.


Four categories make up this vast collection:

Bedtime Rhymes – Nursery verses and tales that captivate its listeners.

Play Outdoors – Engaging children to connect with nature and outdoor activities.

Growing – Stories that instill moral lessons and good values.

Creativity – Sparks imagination and inspires to build on creative skills.


Discover a new collection of creative and inspirational poems by E.V. Eklund, a rare find that will make a perfect addition to any household.

E.V. Eklund is a blooming author and illustrator, best known for her classical inspired poetry and vintage styled illustrations. Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood is her most recent publication. Through the years she participated in numerous contests and exhibitions displaying her work. As an artist, she has sold her artwork and won awards for her paintings. Through her books she has found a way to expand her passion and talent for creativity into a career. E.V. holds a M.S. in Clothing, Textiles, Design, B.S. in Costume Design and a Minor in Studio Arts. Inspired by classical poetry and vintage novels, Eklund’s books are a homage to those classical novels. Her attentiveness to details, visible through her stories, adds depth to the theme of her poems. When she isn’t writing or illustrating she takes joy in designing, painting, music, history, and traveling. In addition to writing books, she freelances as an apparel/textile designer.