Ethnic, Fiction, Romance

Gray has lived in his hometown of Hempstead, Long Island his entire life. He is a happy person, and proud of his accomplishments. Twenty-five years ago, Gray met the love of his life, before flying to Iraq to serve his country. Her name was Raven Fox, and she was lovely. But after returning home the two were unable to connect. Gray went on to marry and have a family, but it’s never enough. His soul longs for a connection he lost twenty-one years in the past.

Raven wanted to be a chef, and when she landed her dream job before graduating culinary school, Gray was so happy for her.Time and circumstances sent them in different directions. Raven’s Father died after a brief illness. She quit her job, and moved out of state to help her Mother, cope. Gray was discharged from the Special Forces, and couldn’t reach Raven. Many frustrated months, and cancelled dates later, Gray kept one appointment. He met Lilith Morrison. She was cool, clever, and sophisticated. They fell in love, and he proposed to her. Gray created a company that designed very custom furniture for clients, and he discovered the market for it was very competitive. The business began to slowly grow. Gray married Lilith and had two boys, Robin Blake and Bruce Wayne. They were good boys. Lilith didn’t hide her disdain of the blue-collar nature of what Gray did for a living. Gray examines his choice of 21 years, and longs for the soul stirring connection that he lost.

Roberta Wilson is a pastry chef living in Chicago. A baker by day, and a storyteller by night. Keeping a diary since grade school, fueled the love of words, and telling stories. Experience gives stories substance, and a great love for desserts, has given me a desire to follow this dream. My parents were far from average, and because of this, they taught me to embrace the unusual ways that make me special. My late Father was a civil rights leader. He was one of the first in Kankakee County. Learning to be tough when you don’t think you’re strong enough, has been something I’ve lived my life doing, especially now that I don’t have my parents. My love for baking and writing began during Summer vacations from school. I wasn’t old enough to drive or work yet, and so I baked cookies, and wrote stories. As I grew older, my experiences shaped my world, and I wrote them down. Persistence is my daily tonic, and impossible things are just a dare waiting to be unleashed. I just want to tell really good stories, and make awesome pastries, and give memorable experiences. I have books that I love so much, I carry them in my purse. I hope my books will be just as good with hard work, and love.