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Words From My Father is the collected works of writing over the last seven years.  Many of the notes are profound family experiences, told in the of light living our faith.  Some are social commentary also told in the light of living our faith.  Each originally sent as an email to family and friends.  All were written and sent wrapped in the hope and prayer that what our Lord has asked is what is revealed in every note.

The title “Words From My Father” takes account of three thoughts.

  • First – writing not being his strongest suit, our Lord planted the seeds for every note and gave the grace needed for the writing – Words From Our Father.
  • Second – his mother and father live their lives as an example of God’s love; teaching, coaching and guiding the family – Words From My Mother and Father.
  • Third – every note is written for his children with the hope to teach, guide and inspire – Words From Your Father.

David Weber is a father of four, ages 13 to 33, and a grandfather of three, ages 2 to 5.  His parents are both 86 years old, still very active and an inspiration to the entire family.  He has four brothers, 12 nieces and nephews, and eight grand nieces and nephews.  He lives in Michigan and is a member of St. Patrick’s Church in White Lake Township, active in a number of ministries serving the church and the community. He is the Controller (the accounting guy) for a small company and has worked for a variety of small companies over the years, usually as Controller or CFO.  He started writing seven years ago, compelled to write the thoughts that would only be at peace once written.  Each note was originally sent as an email to family and friends and the date in each note title is the date it was sent.