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“The Classic tale of a girl and the horse she loved”
ZZ Black is the moving story of two lost souls, one a young girl, the other a troubled horse, brought together by circumstance, or perhaps something far greater, in this magical tale of a girl and her horse. Set in the present day, this is the story of Kate, a teenager struggling to deal with the loss of her mother, while living on a magical farm where she is able to talk to the animals. Kate has always wanted a horse of her own, and when a troubled stallion, ZZ black comes to the farm, Kate soon realizes that she might be the only one who can get through to the stubborn creature, who refuses to speak, despite the enchantment of the farm.

Will Kate be able to solve the mystery of ZZ Black before her father and the adult world condemns the horse to a terrible fate, and will she be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the process, risking the thing she loves the most?

With her debut novel, ZZ Black, Author Wendy Plumb brings us on an unforgettable adventure between a girl and the horse she falls in love with, in a story that harkens back to the values that used to be the beating heart of Americana. ZZ Black teaches children to love unconditionally, but also to know when to let go, and how to deal with tragedy in life. Modeled very much on Wendy's own experiences as a devoted, working single mother, the story is ultimately about triumph and redemption, but set in a very real world, where participation medals aren't much use. Inspired by Wendy's relationship with her daughter, and written with a clarity and passion that is seldom found these days, ZZ Black is also the first of a series of stories from Wendy Plumb all designed to help children deal with the daily rigors of life in the Twenty-first century as they grow towards adulthood.