Waldorf Publishing is always seeking new talent to add to our extensive roster. We read each and every query we receive with great interest. You only have one chance to wow us, so only give us your absolute best!

We only accept email submissions and no attachments will be opened. Do not include them.

In order to catch our eye, please send a well-written, error-free query letter that includes a brief (no more than two paragraphs) synopsis, a biography that states any pertinent writing experience, industry accolades, and any relative information you feel will help sell your work and yourself. An established bio is just as important to us as the quality of writing. If querying Non-Fiction, include why you are an authority on the subject your book entails. For all submissions, be sure to include the genre, the word count, and why you feel your work will do well in the current marketplace. Hint: Don’t tell us you will be a bestseller without reason to back up such a claim.

Address your query to: Waldorf Publishing, Attn.: Submissions Manager. Send your query to: :

For Fiction: Please add Fiction Query along with your title into the subject line. Add your query letter and copy and paste the first ten pages of your manuscript into the body of your email only. Should we be interested in your work we will contact you for a partial or the full. It’s best that your work be completed and in excellent grammatical shape.

 Non-Fiction: Please add Non-Fiction Query along with your title into the subject line. In the body of your email, please include a non-fiction proposal. If you do not know how to prepare a non-fiction proposal, there are many resources and books available on the subject.

 YA and Middle Grade: Please follow the fiction guidelines. If you have any illustrations, you may include one or two within the body of the email. Young Adult remains to be a hot genre. We are only seeking fleshed out, high concept works that have a mass appeal. That means it needs to be original!

Picture Books:  Include the completed text of your picture book. One sample illustration may be included. Please note, we do prefer to work with our own illustrators. Should you be offered a place within Waldorf Publishing, we will match you with one of our talented artist.

Due to the volume of queries and the needs of our current clients, we only respond to queries we take an interest in. Please wait to hear from us. We do work quickly. We do not take poetry, novelettes or novellas, short story collections, essays, screenplays, textbooks, or reference books.


Our prior winners of the Waldorf Publishing Contest are: Suanne Schafer and Gena Ervin!


Want to see your book PUBLISHED!

And not “Self-Published” folks…the real deal…the big kahuna: A FULL CONTRACT PUBLISHING DEAL!

Enter the “Make us say WOW” Waldorf Publishing Manuscript Contest. Open to all Authors & All genres (with the exception of Poetry). Please see rules for more information.

Simply put: We are looking for that book they makes us say “WOW”!!!

Wow that was a great MANUSCRIPT!

Is it yours? You won’t know until you enter!

Winner will be announced December 20th, 2017.

Contest closes at Midnight Central Time on December 15th 2017

Winner Wins:

If you have the winning manuscript you will receive:

Your book printed in: Paperback, eBook and Audiobook

Your book will be pitched to our foreign and domestic distributors, shopped for foreign rights acquisition and place on numerous eBook outlets.

Press release created and submitted to over 10,000 media outlets, TV, Radio and Print

We will pitch the Author and the book to Book Stores for signing events

We will pitch the book to over 1400 professional book reviewers

We will actively assist the Author with building their brand

Media training

Consultation on book promotion

Publishing contract with Waldorf Publishing, 80%Waldorf, 20%Author


To Enter:

Step One:

To enter, please first pay the entrant fee of $49 (per title entered). By Debit card, credit card or PayPal payment via the below ‘Buy Now’ button. Please select “Add special instructions to the seller” at checkout and enter your Manuscript Title.

Step Two:

Then submit your manuscript online according to these guidelines:

1.) Please put your synopsis first (which should be no more than one page, 12 point font) and then “up to the first 5,000 words of your manuscript together in one PDF or Word Doc.


2.) Then attach & email to: State your manuscript’s title in the subject box. In the text of your email, please state your name, address, telephone number, book title, genre, plus your method of entry fee payment by stating the paypal name used for payment OR please attach a copy of your payment confirmation/receipt to the email. Entrants will receive a confirmation email as proof of entry.

Contest Rules

One winner will be chosen.

Open to writers: published, unpublished and self-published.

Open to writers world-wide.

Manuscripts must be your original work and in English.

Manuscript entered cannot already be published with another company.

Manuscripts can be in any fiction genre written for Adult, Young Adult (13+) readers and Children’s books for age 12 and under. They can also be the first book in a series.

Winner announced on December 20th 2017 on the Waldorf Publishing Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Winner will be contacted by email address used to enter competition.

The winner of each Waldorf Publishing Manuscript Competition will win a full publishing representation contract (for the winning manuscript only) and have their book published by Waldorf Publishing for a term of 7 years from date of contract.

Submissions must include the first 5,000 words of your manuscript, double-spaced in a size 12 font. A synopsis of no more than one page, single spaced in a size 12 font.

The entrance fee is $45.00 USD per manuscript and you may enter as many manuscripts as you wish.

Entrants must be at least 18 years or older.

The winner agrees to an interview which may be published on our site, social media outlets and distribution materials and in any media for publicity purposes.

Entrants retain full copyright, however, if chosen the winner, Waldorf Publishing will retain full copyrights upon the winner signing the publishing contract.

Authors already published by Waldorf Publishing are not eligible.

Submissions *may not* be altered after entry.

Entries which do not comply with the competition rules may be disqualified.

Entries are non-refundable.