Legacy Girls

Legacy Girls

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The call comes from the family back east she barely remembers. Los Angeles TV reporter Jaycee Wilder gets word her teenage cousin has gone missing from the elite boarding school she attends on scholarship. Worse yet, no one at the school appears to be in any rush to find her. Despite having narrowly slipped through the barbaric grip of a serial killer herself, the intrepid storyteller and amateur investigator can’t ignore the urgent plea for help. Jaycee heads to the wintry campus of an illustrious academy known for grooming the next generation of society’s elitist class.

Just below the pristine surface of school uniforms, wistful first crushes, and newfound freedoms, a lurid opportunity exists for a daring few. Selectively recruited and refined into specialized companions, Legacy Girls enter mutually beneficial contracts that bind them to the exploitation of flesh in exchange for riches. As Jaycee penetrates the layers of her cousin’s pubescent inner circle, she uncovers a world where innocence has become opportunity, and secrets are too lucrative to expose.

Jaycee sifts through rumors, myths, and potential witnesses, building a fondness for her spirited young cousin, and a wariness of a potentially lethal pact now controlling her every move.

As she races to root out the players, Jaycee learns that sometimes surviving isn’t enough, and justice can be the ultimate final transaction.