American Tragedy on the World Stage

American Tragedy on the World Stage

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American Tragedy on the World Stage – Hidden Facts About Agent Orange and Other Toxins Finally Exposed

Filled with facts and statements taken from various official government documents hidden away in government archives for decades and largely ignored for several decades. Official documents currently at the Nixon Library clearly identifies that President Nixon and some of his cabinet members knew of the potential health dangers of herbicides.

This book also includes an important assessment of two official documents containing statements that reveals what appears to be a collaborative effort between two government employees in two different government organizations resulting in the denial of veterans’ claims for medical care and compensation. A collusion that appears to be criminal in nature.

This book was developed by two authors, Donna Tornoe and Dr. Robert McHenry, who have previously written about Agent Orange. Donna Tornoe wrote, “The Travels of Agent Orange and Other Toxins” and Dr. McHenry wrote, “Forgotten and Ignored Vietnam War Veterans: Thailand-Based Veterans Were Also Contaminated with Agent Orange”.