I belong: How far do you need to travel to find home?

I Belong: How Far Do You Need to Travel to Find Home?

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A story of migration, I Belong tells the journey of Magdalena who left Uruguay in 2006 at the age of 18 to go study in Europe, and finds herself working in refugee camps in West and Central Africa ten years later. In one of her trips back to her birth country, Magdalena finds out that her mother’s childhood friend was taken to Sweden as a refugee during the Uruguayan dictatorship four decades before. Magdalena seeks to reunite them while at the same time facing an inner conflict of having to choose between either remaining abroad for good or going back home. As Magdalena searches for her place in-between two worlds, she is confronted with social stereotypes and different perceptions of the notion of privilege embedded in various countries, which make her reflect on her own upbringing in the Uruguayan society.

I Belong analyses the quest that ‘citizens of the world’ tend to face while travelling through different continents, trying to find themselves, seeking what one desires the most: the feeling of belonging.