Staying Sane in Crazy Town: A Monologue of Rude Wisdom

  • $16.95

Staying Sane In Crazy Town interweaves memoir, cultural commentary, philosophy and science in a bid to uncover the lies people tell themselves about the things they most fear––lies that come at a terrible cost. The tale is inspirational without offering up the bromides of typical self-help and inspirational texts. It is philosophical, but funny and in-your-face. As a poignant story of loss and recovery unfolds, serious and interesting questions are examined in a direct, conversational way: What is our most immediate and fundamental relationship to the world and each other? What is the human self? Why is mourning essential to recovering truth and love? How do the conditions that make us feel most vulnerable contain a hidden well of strength and courage? Why is myth indispensable, and how is it different from religion, superstition, and New Age panaceas? Why should we greatly cherish the "ca-ca moments" of our lives? Lo Bosco packs a cultural and existential punch you won’t soon forget, freely and humorously mixing elements of story, memoir, confession, and the kind of life philosophy you find on few mountaintops in America.