Waffles Saves The Day

Waffles Saves The Day

  • $12.95

Waffles Saves the Day teaches acceptance, discusses bullying and applauds uniqueness!

When Farmer Ken discovers an issue on the farm, he rushes to find a solution! At first, the farm animals don’t agree with Farmer Ken’s decision, but when they see how much it improves their lives, the farm animals can’t help but appreciate and love the farm’s newest addition. 

About the Author: Emily Powers is a publishing professional, author and graduate-level educator. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Texas Tech University in 2015, graduating with top honors. She then went on to graduate school at the George Washington University, where she received her Master’s Degree of Professional Studies in Publishing in 2017.  She is passionate about all things publishing, education and books.

Emily is an avid reader and animal lover. Her favorite things to do are spending time with her family and her two best friends, Charlie (yellow lab) and Little One (black cat).  She is currently working on additional books in The Waffles Series.