Public Relations and Marketing

Barbara Terry Public Relations Group

While others claim to create Public Relations, we create Public SENSATIONS... 
We don’t simply communicate, we MOTIVATE.  

Almost anyone can come up with clever prose, but real public relations is a multi-faceted effort designed to bring positive attention that positively inspires and motivates your target audiences. 


Because we pay attention. 

New Media and Public Relations opportunities crop up all the time, and we watch for them to ensure that every marketing dollar you invest delivers on our Maximum Impact promise. 

Here's how we 'Wow'.

1. We Assess.
We listen very carefully to your stated goals then, we study your demographics, your aims, and your audience. 

2. We Strategize.
Our team determines the optimal venue of media communication, and relevant public events. We determine both the proven systems of media success, as well as innovative

3. We Create.
Our award-winning creative team understands the vital blend of psychology and creativity, all designed to exceed your expectations.

4. We Monitor.
We measure the results of each aspect of your campaign to help fulfil our ‘maximum impact’ promise. 

Marketing is not an exercise of chance. Don't waste your resources on cute tag lines, and guesswork. 
Call us today, and let us help you realize your highest aims.  


We can make your image shine so brightly, your broadest audience will see the very best of you. 

We not only bring out your best, we find additional ‘best elements’ as well. 

You might say we're in the construction business. 

We build images the way they're supposed to be built. We have a proud history of bringing out the best in people, places and organizations large and small. 
If you have everything going for you, except the right image, you need to call us today at 972-674-3131

We turn media into your best friend.