Kit Dreamer and the Case of the Unlucky Lemur (Leveled Reader) (All Titles Ship After Release Date)

  • $6.99

This book is the first of a series in which young readers are introduced to different occupations - and potential careers! - through the vehicle of a precocious preteen private investigator, Kit Dreamer. With the help of her best friend, a Meerkat given to her by her globe-trotting father, Kit is on the case. In her first case, Kit investigates whether a lemur who is suspected of stealing is actually a thief - or whether the suspicion should be turned on a different, four-legged troublemaker. Throughout the investigation, Kit is exposed to several terms that will likely be new to younger readers, terms like: court, lawyer, not guilty, and jury. Through rich illustrations, Kit's unusual world of talking large animals - which may or may not be a dreamworld - is brought to life to the delight of readers young and old."