Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood

Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood

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A book, a book, a book, Come take a closer look! Discover stories yet untold, What new journeys to behold!

A compilation of over seventy poems complete with illustrations dedicated to the age-old classics we all grew up with.

Four categories make up this collection:

Grandmother Fox Rhymes – A homage to Mother Goose, incorporating stories that are their own.

The World Outside – Engages its readers to explore the outdoor wonders.

Learning – A series of fun poems on teachings, good values and moral lessons.

Imagination – Stretch your imagination with magical characters and fantastical tales.

A journey into a world of adventure and imagination, this book features a wealth of beloved poems every child will connect with. Whether reliving old memories or building new ones, Timeless Tales will be cherished by families for generations. Come and enjoy a whole new collection of poems for young.