Release Date:

1 Sep 2016

Angus Morrison

Angus Morrison is a Pulitzer-nominated, former financial journalist for Bloomberg, and has contributed to The International Herald Tribune, The New York Observer and the Globalist. He was a speechwriter for the U.S. Secretary of State and IBM’s senior executive suite, and served as Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. State Department. He lives with his wife and son in Paris.

In college he flipped hamburgers and fixed fences in Wyoming. After graduation, he moved to Brussels where he lived in a nun’s cell in a former convent that had been converted into communal living quarters. In his free time he frequented a small Flemish pub that counted a large black Bouvier named “Zeus” as its most loyal patron. The Berlin Wall fell while Morrison was in Brussels. He hitchhiked to Budapest in 26 vehicles. The first thing he saw upon arrival in Hungary were Cold War statues torn down as the communist star was being wrenched off the parliament by a crane.