Romantic Comedy

Release Date:

1 Aug 2017

Robyn Sheridan

An avid reader, Robyn Sheridan had always dreamed of becoming a writer. Though she pursued a degree in chiropractic and has a successful practice, she still felt the call to write a novel. Though it would take a few years for it to come to fruition, Facing Forward was published in 2009 and it was nominated for a 2010 EPIC award and the 46th annual Georgia Author of the Year Award. Her current book, Mona Lisa is a light-hearted book that allows Robyn to use her sarcasm and wit
for good, not evil.

A native of New Jersey, she moved to Atlanta for school and though she vowed to return North before the ink on her diploma was dry, she never left. Robyn currently lives with her husband and together they have three children who are grateful she has found an outlet for her energy so that she will have less time to focus on them.