Stephan von Clinkerhoffen

International award-winning author, Stephan von Clinkerhoffen, is a Peter Pan character. That’s why his sci-fi fantasy series “The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham” suits teens, young adults and the “young at heart”. Clinkerhoffen’s writing, conceived from his love of mechanics, nature and art is tempered by humanity and fun. An Engineering background allows him to develop new ideas, learning from success and failure. He enjoys tinkering with classic cars and motorbikes, even built his own car. Through his art Clinkerhoffen embraces the challenge of painting intricately detailed fantasy lands which depict his novels.

Clinkerhoffen spent several years volunteering with the New Zealand Red Cross after Christchurch’s earthquakes. Back in England after 14 years living in New Zealand he feels lucky to call the Cotswold countryside his home again.

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