Paul Cicchini

Chevalier Paul Cicchini, M.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP, the author of Young Cyrano, is a nationally-certified school psychologist practicing in New Jersey. He specializes in character education and is the only school psychologist on the East Coast to be certified in the new field of Social Emotional Learning/Character Ed (Rutgers Univ. 2016).

Much like his hero Cyrano de Bergerac, Paul aspires to be a well-rounded Renaissance man. His list of personal accomplishments includes cable television host (Cars Weekly Video Magazine-Philadelphia), sports journalist, humorist, adjunct professor, martial artist, fencer, semi-pro football player, high school football coach, collegiate football scout, guidance counselor, Templar Knight (rank of Chevalier), Washington lobbyist for education, webmaster, and author of “The world’s first Inspirational-Satire mashup novel.” That novel, GODSMACKED, was long-listed for the Inspy awards in 2013.