Heather Dolland

Heather Dolland is the Founder of All The Tastes Of New York. All The Tastes of New York, partners with a number of culturally-diverse restaurants throughout Manhattan—from trendy neighborhood bistros to fine-dining establishments by offering Food Crawls. Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert are each enjoyed at neighboring establishments.

With their emphasis on eating local and supporting the Farm-To-Table movement, they are now bringing attention to drinking local and the Renaissance of the Farm-To-Glass movement.

Foreword by Julie C. Suarez, Assistant Dean, Cornell University:  “Walking the halls of the state capitol in 2007 with a small but committed group of farmers and food entrepreneurs, I never imagined that the creation of a new farm distillery license category would spark such tremendous growth. At the time, I was convinced this law would merely be a small change, enabling a few farmers the opportunity to grow crops for a niche market and opening doors for the next generation to start up their own distillery and add value to the home farm. This book demonstrates the economic growth that can occur from positive public policy. A thoughtful profile of each distillery, beautiful photographs and of course, excellent cocktail recipes make this book a treasure for local foodies.”