Trevor Paul Ripley

Born, educated, and still living with his wife and two daughters in the South Yorkshire, England, Trevor Ripley left school at 16 years old with very few qualifications to his name. He tried carpet fitting – it didn’t work. His next post as microbiology laboratory technician lasted ten years, but he had little love for it. Chemistry technician at a school followed – no thank you! Next came limestone quarrying (where he attained an education to be proud of – an HND in Engineering). A weird interest in surgical procedures on TV led to a drastic career change – Registered Nurse with the National Health Service (NHS), where Trevor was involved with all the gory things that are done to people under the guise of medicine and surgery. Life-long learning resulted in a Master’s Degree in Health Care and his latest vocation with the Patient Safety Team at his local Hospital.

Whilst juggling his nurse training with bringing up two young girls, Trevor commenced his new hobby – creative writing. He can turn his hand to many different genres, and has many projects on the go at once, including: an Adult Crime thriller (20 years in the writing but just about there!), a 30,000 word Children’s Fantasy Adventure entitled Lily Lovebug and the Unconquered Planet (2013 Finalist of the People’s Book Prize), Comedy Scripts for competition entries, and he is responsible for the script and lyrics of a twenty song piece of Musical Theatre which he is currently working on with his long-time friend who is in charge of the music and arrangements (a few more years to wait yet – but it will be worth the wait – or so he says).
Now at 51 years old, Trevor utilizes a disorganized style of writing where he makes up the storylines as he writes. It seems to work!