Tammy Cortez

Tammy Cortez is a California native now living in Texas. She found, or re-found, her passion for writing when she decided to write a story intended as a gift for her youngest daughter. After discussing it with a couple of friends that had written books, she was convinced she should publish it.

“As an elementary teacher for over 10 years, I am always seeking out great book series that not only can capture the imaginations of my young readers, but also open up the door to great vocabulary. Reading AbbeyLoo and Gus the Talking Toad, I quickly fell in love with the plot and the illustrations. I had the pleasure of reading this story to my own daughters that are 1stgraders and they felt like they could relate to the main character AbbeyLoo and enjoyed her adventures in her backyard. My daughters’ asked immediately if there was another book to read about AbbeyLoo. I am excited to own and share this awesome story with my future students, as I know that this book will open the door to such bigger concepts in terms of story lines, illustrations, and vocabulary that I can build on with my students.” Sara Silva, M.S.Ed.

“I read the book to both of my girls, ages 3 and 5. They both loved the pictures and the premise of the story.  My 5 year old especially identified with the main character, she kept on saying “Like me! She is just like me!” They have both been pretending to be frogs since I read the story to them!” Justina Garcia, USN