Daril Cinquanta

Daril Cinquanta was born in St. Mary’s Pennsylvania in 1948. He grew up in the family restaurant business in Riverside, California and Boulder, Colorado. Growing up in Boulder, he was expelled from two junior high and two high schools during his roller coaster childhood. He lost his driver’s license three times before the age of eighteen. He attended Harbor Junior College taking Police Science courses in pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a Crime Fighter. He became a Denver Police Officer entering the Police Academy in 1970. Early in his twenty-year career he admitted that being a cop was the only thing he was ever good at. He was called a Super cop and amassed thousands of arrests. Through his investigations, he generated a great deal of positive and negative publicity. His work was legendary in Colorado police circles. He says that he often bent, and at times, broke departmental rules and regulations. But, he followed the law, resulting in an outstanding and extraordinary conviction rate.

He was very controversial and often the administration, lawyers, some judges and citizen activists would routinely attack his credibility and style. Yet, during his career he received the Police Medal of Honor; the Police Distinguished Service Cross, The Service Cross, The Purple Heart, six Police Merit Awards, Optimist Club Policeman of the Year, Citizens Appreciate Police Award of Honor and over 160 official departmental and outside jurisdiction commendations.

After his retirement, he started his own private investigative firm, Professional Investigators, Inc in Denver, Colorado.